Terms And Conditions

1. By using Panoview you agree to be legally bound by the following terms. Occasionally, we may make alterations to these terms by posting changes on our website. Please review these terms regularly to ensure you are aware of any changes made. Continued use of Panoview after changes are posted means you agree to be legally bound by these terms as updated and/or amended. Any uncertainty as to the interpretation of these terms shall be resolved in favour of Panoview.

2. Panoview takes orders and bookings for our services 7 days a week by phone or by email.   Our team of photographers work 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday excluding public holidays.   We close from Christmas to Mid January.

3. Panoview Limited "Panoview" aims to deliver:

•  Photos | by 9am on the morning following the photo shoot. All photos will be uploaded onto our client's FTP where possible or be available for download from our own website.   Because we take great care with our post processing we are unable to make our photos available the same day.

•  Floor Plans | within 2 days following our visit to the property.   These are initially delivered as drafts. We are then happy to make as many corrections and alterations as necessary to the final finished plans.

Note that studio processing of images and floor plans does not take place on Sundays.  

4. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of our floor plans, However all measurements are approximate and our floor plans are for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon by purchasers or any other persons. You may not display any images supplied by Panoview in a manner that causes any person to believe the images may be used for any purpose other than illustrative.

5. Copies of your photographs are available by download from our website for 7 days following notification of their availability.   They will be removed after a week.   Please let us know if you require access to them for a longer period.

6. We display our photos on a hosted slideshow for one week, and our interactive floor plans for three months. This can be extended as required.   Our mini websites showing any combination of floor plans, videos and virtual tours are hosted for the calendar year and this period can be extended at a cost of NZ $56.25 pa

7.   Photography Bookings

All photo shoots are booked into our weekly calendar.   We aim to keep to our scheduled visits on time and promise to call should we be running late for any reason.

For this reason we allocate a reasonable but strict time for each photo shoot. These times are as follows:

House < 160sqm | 1 hour

House 160-300sqm | 1.5 hrs

House > 300sqm | 2 hrs

It stands to reason that a property that is ready and prepared for a photo shoot will get the best from our photographers.  

Properties that require tidying or where we are delayed by builders, decorators etc are likely to suffer in their photography by compromising the time we have available to compose and light the photos we need to take.  

Equally if our time is compromised by delayed entry we may not be able to complete the shoot with commitments for our next shoot. We reserve the right to charge an additional (proportional) fee for any extension to the time needed to complete a photo shoot.   Similarly a re shoot request for similar reasons will incur an additional rescheduling fee.

8.   Property presentation

Some properties we shoot can be cluttered and in need of tidying.   These properties will consume our available shoot time.   (Typically tenanted properties can be of this nature) To get the best photos possible in these situations you would be advised to help us for the duration of the shoot and assist where possible.   If this is not possible you may need to compromise your expectations of the quality or number of photographs we can take.

9.   The Weather

We take bookings regardless of the weather because of its unpredictability. Because we replace skies routinely in our post processing we succeed in obtaining the shots we need 98% of the time.

Where rain has compromised our outside photos we will re shoot the exterior at no cost.

10.   The Sun and the Tides

We ask that you book your photo shoot to consider the best time of day for the sun and tides (if sea views are important).   Any situation where a re shoot is required because the sun is in the wrong place or the tides are out will incur a revisit charge.

11.   Reshoots

Are negotiable.   Generally these will be at our cost where:

•  It has been raining and we could not take good external photos.

•  We have missed a crucial photograph during our visit.

These will be at our client's cost if:

•  There is a specific requirement for the photography to show a particular angle or composition or furniture placement and this was not conveyed before or during the photo shoot. If an owner or agent are not present it is reasonable to expect that our interpretation of an image will be acceptable

12. Panoview shall exclusively own all copyright and other intellectual property rights in and relating to the instruction.

13. Prices quoted (except exterior only photos) include a $50 booking and travel fee. If you cancel your instructions up to three hours prior to our arrival at the property there will be no charge. However, if you cancel at less than three hours notice, or we are unable to access the property (unhappy tenants or property not ready), you will still be subject to the $50 booking and travel fee.

14. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and may be subject to change. Instructions outside Greater Auckland may be negotiated individually.

15. Panoview reserves the right to decline any instruction.

16. Office Hours of business: Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm.

17. Panoview's contact details are:

Jim Janse
Add P O Box 60130
Titirangi, Auckland 0642 Tel 09 8177553
email info@panoview.co.nz